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Emily C Freeform necklace

Never worry about misplacing your valuable rings again! Jewelry designer Emily C’s new Ring Holder necklace makes it simple to keep your rings close by, even when you need take them off of your finger.

Ladies, have you ever taken off your wedding or engagement ring for a quick second to do something fast like wash the dishes, put on lotion or do your hair, only to end up forgetting where you put it down? The next thing you know you’re in a panic- where did your ring go?! How could this happen? Now your day is ruined and you’re blaming yourself for making such an expensive mistake.

Now you never have to worry about misplacing your valuable rings again.  Jewelry designer Emily C’s new Ring Holder necklace makes it simple to keep your rings close even when you need take them off of your finger. The elegantly designed necklace is simple to use and so stylish that you will want to wear it every day. It’s our new obsession and we love it so much that we talked to Emily C herself to get the scoop on her inspiration for the necklace, along with what’s next for her jewelry line.

Emily C

Emily C

Tell us a little bit about your background, and what inspired you to create Emily C jewelry.  

Actually, my background is in law and I had absolutely no idea that I’d ever start a jewelry company! But like many women, I loved my engagement ring so much and I was so afraid I’d lose it. My husband designed it (my ring) around a stone that his physicist/engineer grandfather had proposed with so maybe there was some engineering energy in that diamond- I don’t know, but it did inspire me to design my ring holding necklace!

Where did the idea for the ‘Ring Holder’ necklace come from? 

When I first got engaged, I’d just put my ring on a chain around my neck when I wanted to take it off for a workout. However, taking off the chain and threading it through took minutes instead of seconds- it seriously took forever. Also, it kind of jutted out awkwardly, which didn’t look cute. I started wishing I could put it on a necklace quickly, but I couldn’t find an option that looked good enough to wear on a daily basis. I had a strong inkling that I could create something myself that could work simply and elegantly, without any weird/difficult mechanics, and after some sketches and prototypes I finally figured it out.

Emily C Ring Holder Necklace

What kind of feedback have you received from women who have worn the necklace?

Oh, it’s been so sweet! The best thing about my day is hearing from my customers, how much they love it, and that it’s really solving a problem for them. For example, we have tons of doctors and nurses who wear them at work- no more tying their rings to their scrubs, or safety pinning them on so that their rings don’t end up in the laundry. I think the most touching story I hear is when people tell me about their heirloom rings- rings they didn’t want to alter and resize (because someone special used to wear them), and now they can wear it around their neck every day. Also, someone with arthritis told me that she hadn’t been able to wear her wedding ring in years, but now she can wear it all the time on her Emily C necklace! These stories are so real and so beautiful.

When can we expect to see more pieces?

Hopefully very soon. We are always listening to what our customers are asking for and we are currently working on a line of necklaces with a variety shapes that will interact in multiple ways to hold rings. We test each new design so extensively, with various ring sizes and we reject the styles that are not easy enough to use or could bend or warp easily. All of our necklaces are heirloom quality pieces that are meant to be worn and used on a daily basis, so we need them to look great and work flawlessly.

What is next for the Emily C jewelry collection?

Our biggest focus right now is getting the word out and showing people how the Ring Holder necklace works. After we show someone how to use it for the first time, the most common response (after “Wait! What?! How did you do that? Do it again!”) is to either tell us that it’s the perfect solution for a problem they are facing with their ring, or that it would be perfect for someone else that they are close to. Some people may never want or need to take off their rings and that’s fine, but most of us do! So we are just trying to close that information gap right now, and make sure the people who need it become aware that this beautiful, patented solution exists!

Emily C Rose Gold Diamond scallop Ring Holder

Emily C Rose Gold Diamond scallop Ring Holder