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Calling all Rockstars: RockSalt Pilates has opened a new studio in San Francisco and we can’t get enough! Strength, Sweat and Stretch your way to a new body before summer.

If you’re a true fitness fanatic like I am, you’re always looking for the popular trend of the moment that can deliver major results, and still keep you motivated and committed to your workouts. While San Francisco has an amazing assortment of gyms, classes and training facilities, it can be hard to know where to go for the best experience and bang for your buck.

I’ve tried mat Pilates in the past and while I certainly enjoyed it, resistance-based, weight training workouts have always been my preference. After all, if I’m going to spend an hour in the gym, I want to leave dripping in sweat and feeling like I really did something good for my body. At the same time, I don’t want to miss out on increased flexibility, core strength and coordination that can be derived from a regular Pilates practice. I’ve often looked for a way to combine all of these elements into one workout, but haven’t had any luck…until now.

Enter RockSalt Pilates.  With two additional studios in Redwood City and San Mateo,  The award-winning fitness studio has finally made it to San Francisco’s Potrero Hill!  After just one class, I’m a believer. RockSalt takes traditional Pilates to the next level by adding cardio, weight training and resistance exercises to maximize calorie burn and provide a full body workout that is truly an addictive experience.

With a variety of classes that includes Strength, Stretch and Sweat, you can choose your workouts based on your personal preferences or alternate throughout the week to keep it interesting; and no two classes are ever the same. Also, every class is set to a high-energy soundtrack and provides a full body workout utilizing the reformer and the mat.

And, if you need to buy workout wear for class, no problem.  You can pick up Lululemon pieces right inside the studio which officially makes RockSalt a one-stop shop for getting fit and look fabulous.  I sat down with RockSalt’s head instructor and studio director, Erin Bostock, to find out more about the brand’s mission, methods and what it takes to be a RockSalt ‘Rockstar’.

Erin Bostock of Rocksalt Pilates

Erin Bostock of Rocksalt Pilates

What advice can you offer for women who are interested in getting fit, but don’t know where to start?

We have all at one point started from scratch, coming back from an injury or illness and feel as though we’re starting all over again.  However, clients come to us at all levels, from a total novice to absolutely Pilates-junkie.  We cater to each individual and always offer modifications and options throughout the class.  Starting out with our Stretch class is a perfect way to break down that barrier and fear of getting on the reformer and working out.  Take it slow, listen to your body and most importantly, have fun!

Is there still time to get fit before the summertime, and can you recommend a RockSalt regimen to get bikini ready?

We recommend taking 3 classes a week to feel a difference but 5 classes a week and you will really see the difference!  Remember, ease into it with Stretch and Strength classes, maintain a consistent routine each week, keep on pushing yourself, even when you think you haven’t got it in you.  The results will be worth it!

What sets RockSalt apart from the other fitness classes and training gyms in the city?

Our classes are set and choreographed to music, driven by upbeat and energizing playlists. Not only will you experience classical Pilates exercises on the reformer and mat but your workout will be taken into overdrive utilizing light weights, resistance bands working on cardio fitness and strength training. We pride ourselves on knowing each client by name and making everyone feel like part of the RockSalt family. Each client will receive individual attention, focusing on form, motivation, and encouragement.

What are the different benefits to be gained from Strength, Sweat, and Stretch classes?

Stretch classes cater to those wanting a slower paced class, especially if you’re new to Pilates and the reformer, with emphasis on flexibility, form and isolated movements.  Our Strength class is designed for clients wanting to focus on toning, sculpting and strength training whilst blending the fundamentals of both reformer and mat Pilates. Our Sweat workout is what launched our unique Pilates style.  Combining cardio, strength training, reformer exercises, and coordination techniques, this workout will take your body and mind to the next level.  We recommend taking 5 Stretch and/or Strength classes prior to attending Sweat.

How does your personal philosophy on fitness inspire how to work with your students/clients?

As an ex-professional dancer and Wonder Woman Amazonian (Warner Brother film), I have always looked up to my trainers and coaches for inspiration and motivation.  They are the ones who shaped my mind and body in becoming the woman I am today.  I like to take these past experiences and utilize them in my RockSalt classes, focusing on each individual and their needs, keeping them motivated, in the zone and striving for more.  I’m always educating clients on the way we can utilize our body during workouts in order to enjoy a healthy and pain-free lifestyle.

If you’ve been at this fitness journey for some time and you hit a plateau in your routine, what are your recommendations for getting over the plateau?

Try something new, broaden your music horizon and let the music carry you through some new challenges.  Be open-minded in speaking with other members in your classes and find out what they enjoy and what works best for them.

What is RockSalt’s relationship with Lululemon and how do the two brands work in partnership together?

Our partnership began when RockSalt’s founder Adrian Ramirez became an ambassador for Lululemon in Burlingame and everything soon fell into place.  We both aspire to achieve the same goals of an active and healthy lifestyle, keeping our bodies moving in the most comfortable and durable workout gear.  We like to provide our clients with not only a full body workout but with a wardrobe that feels and looks the part.

In addition to group classes, RockSalt offers private and semi-private training sessions at the new San Francisco studio. For more information on their services and class schedule, visit RockSaltPilates.com.

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