Home Health & Wellness Find Your Best Summer Shape With Pilates ProWorks’ MatBox

Get inspired to get up, get moving, and find your best body by the end of summer!


There are 37 – count them – 37 days left in summer.  So that means there’s one month and one week to get into your best shape before the turn of the season.  Before you know it, donning a barely-there bikini will be a thing of the past.  [But if you happen to be a Bay Area resident, that means that summer days are ahead of us!]

Bay Area fitness center Pilates ProWorks® is an out-of-the-box fitness concept based on the fundamentals of classical Pilates with lots of modern, innovative twists.  This summer, they debuted their latest hard-core workout, matBox – an all-in-one class that blends kickboxing, Pilates and yoga. Whether it be end-of-summer travel or getting red-carpet ready for the upcoming gala season, this is a workout that will whip your body into shape quickly!

MatBox was conceived by Pilates ProWorks co-founders and husband-and-wife team, Oscar Sanin and Taylor Carter, to be a powerful and effective 55-minute workout.  It starts off with a cardio round of high-intensity kickboxing with a punching bag.  Then, the gloves come off and participants hit the mat for a round of Pilates to strengthen the core.  The last part of this intense workout incorporates Yoga for alignment and balance.


“MatBox is a knock-out workout that balances the high intensity energy of boxing with low impact core training and stretching.  After a session of matBox, you feel invigorated, aligned and fully balanced.  We guarantee kick-ass levels of fun too!” said Carter.

We had the opportunity to try the matBox workout, and can vouch first-hand that it is total-body fitness taken to the next level. In our humble opinions, there’s no way that you won’t get into shape if you’re taking this class consistently for the next 37 days.

MatBox debuted at Pilates ProWorks’  San Francisco locations (Marina and Financial District) on May 26 and has expanded to new locations across the country, including Marin (Mill Valley), Oakland (Lakeshore) and Burlingame in California, as well as Chicago (Lincoln Park) and Minneapolis (Edina).  For schedules and more information, visit PilatesProWorks.com