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Expert nutritionist Monica Auslander of Essence Nutrition shares these 5 tips for taking off – and keeping off – those holiday pounds.

If you’ve ever heard that a healthy diet is more than half the battle in losing weight, then you’ve heard correct. New year / new you workouts are all the craze in the new year, but a healthy, well-balanced diet will always take precedence to get you to your goal.  Just ask Monica Auslander, the leading Miami-based nutritionist who developed Essence Nutrition Registered Dietitians. Clients from the Bay Area and around the country can receive a customized state-of-the-art nutritional experience through Skype, FaceTime, telephone and in-office visits. Monica created the idea of an Essence package that is tailored to medical needs as well as personal lifestyle.  As January is all about setting yourself up for success, Monica offered these tips for taking off – and keeping off – those stubborn holiday pounds:

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1. Don’t overreach with goals. Small, measurable and sustainable targets are key. For example, “I must start going to the gym” isn’t very specific and sets one up for confusion/failure. Instead, I would recommend “I’m going to take Zumba Mondays and Wednesdays at 6 PM, and then think about adding another class in a month” or “I’m going to make zucchini noodles twice a week instead of pasta.”

2. Celebrate victories with non-food rewards like a shopping splurge, a mini-vacation, a day at the park, a massage, etc. Even the smallest of triumphs, like, not eating a bacon cheeseburger for two weeks straight.
3. In the same breadth, not beating yourself up about micro failures. If you splurged on bacon-wrapped dates at a party, it’s best to remember that the next day is a healthy eating opportunity. To completely fall off the path of eating righteousness and say “Well, I might as well go rogue” and binge is not the best coping mechanism to deal with an eating blip.
4. When the weather outside is not frightful (it never is in Miami), head to your local farmer’s market for TONS of in-season fruits and vegetables. Hello, rhubarb! Pleasure to see you again! There’s so much that can be done with berries, pumpkin, and winter squash. Don’t mind me happily munching on our homemade cinnamon cayenne roasted pumpkin seeds over here or my newest purchase last weekend: raw macadamia nut butter. Building meals based on produce (rather than meat or grains) is one of the things that keeps me lean.
5. Don’t fall prey to food gimmicks like juice cleansing, food trends like Paleo dieting or fasting, or diet plans that are temporary. Any “diet” will likely lead to rebound weight gain and feelings of shame. The most sound and sustainable eating plans are those rooted in science, prepared with a dietitian, and that work within the realm of your budget, lifestyle, culture, food preferences, and medical needs. “Diets” don’t work. What works is a “forever” way of eating as well as habits and patterns in food selection, preparation, and intake.