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Adrian Ramierez of Rock Salt Fitness

One of the most sought-after fitness experts in Hollywood is now here in the Bay Area. Adrian Ramierez of RockSalt Fitness shares his top tips on transforming your body in just 12 weeks!

Adrian Ramierez of Rock Salt Fitness

After a triathlon injury, Adrian Ramierez turned to Pilates as a method to heal and improve his body.  The results were so powerful, he transformed his passion to become a certified instructor, eventually becoming one of the most sought-after instructors at a studio in Hollywood.

After years of perfecting his craft, he opted for a change of pace, opening his own studio in San Carlos in 2012. The self-named studio was later reborn as RockSalt Fitness – a tailored and advanced version of Pilates with a unique and patented approach. At RockSalt, clients can expect a well-rounded workout in each of the three class styles offered at the studio. Classes incorporate strength exercises, resistance training, cardio and proper stretching all in one session that focuses on bringing energy, friendliness, and an engaging, personalized experience to each client – and of course, safely delivering transformative results.

Adrian says that his clients are his biggest inspiration; he is keen on helping people achieve fitness goals they never thought possible and making them better version of themselves.  He says, “I’m inspired by my family, friends and clients and am grateful to be able to unleash my creative mind at RockSalt.”

What makes RockSalt Fitness classes more effective than traditional Pilates classes?

RockSalt is different from traditional Pilates as it’s designed to give a complete, full body workout, incorporating stretch, strength and cardio exercises.  RockSalt offers a high intensity workout, opposite of the traditional practice.

Do you see faster results from the fusion of Pilates, cardio, resistance and weights in one class, versus cardio or resistance alone?

RockSalt classes have been proven to deliver dramatic results, in as little as just 5 classes!  Our workouts not only give you the heart pumping, energizing feeling an intense cardio class gives you, but the combination of resistance and strength exercises promotes long, lean muscle, as well as a good stretch, often overlooked in other styles of cardio classes.

How long does it take to realistically see your body transform?

If you’re coming to class at least 3 times a week, you will see results in as little as 2 weeks.  After 12 classes, you’ll see (and feel) a significant difference!

What are your 5 tips to transform your body within 12 weeks?

  1. Cut Out Sugar.  Personally, I’ve lost as much as 10 lbs in one month from just cutting out processed sugar.  We’ve held several monthly challenges (8 classes in one month) at RockSalt, where clients lay off sugar and simply take 8 classes — results are amazing, with 6-8 lbs been lost by those participating.
  2. Portion Control.  Change the size of your plate!  Rather than a normal dinner plate, serve your food on a small plate.  Your stomach won’t know the difference!
  3. TV Planks.  If you like trash TV as much as the next person, at least work for it! During each commercial break, do not fast forward.  Rather, do planks during that 3 minute period.  You’ll be shocked how quickly your abs and abdominal strength will change!
  4. Speed Walk.  After dropping off the kids at school or running an errand, walk to and from your car at a faster pace then normal.  Get the heart rate up and burn some calories!
  5. Avocado Snack.  Packed with nutrients, avocados have endless benefits!  Not only keeping your skin looking radiant, avocados also keep you fuller, longer, helping you not to overeat.

RockSalt Fitness proudly serves the community by giving back to PARCA, local youth sports teams, and more. For more information, visit www.rocksaltfitness.com.


Adrian Ramierez of Rock Salt Fitness

Adrian Ramierez of Rock Salt Fitness

Adrian Ramierez of Rock Salt Fitness