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“Eatsa is reinventing fast food by combining the speed and affordability of fast food with the delicious flavors and nutritious ingredients of premium fast casual.” – Tim Young, co-founder of eatsa.

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eatsa interior

eatsa interior

To walk into eatsa – the Bay Area’s latest high-tech, quick service eatery – is to stare into the face of the future.

Comprised of quinoa-based bowls starting at just $6.95, eatsa aims to make healthy eating accessible to everyone.

The small yet highly functional venue fit for an episode of The Jetsons is redefining the concept of “fast food” in the heart of San Francisco. In place of waiters, waitresses, or cashiers – stand a fleet of iPad kiosks. After one swipe of a credit card (no cash!) – you are able to completely customize and personalize your order.

Eatsa kiosk build-a-bowl

eatsa kiosk build-a-bowl

If you require an even speedier eatsa experience, you can order directly from the eatsa app, and your food will be waiting for you upon arrival!

Popular choices include: the “Smokehouse Salad,” “The Mediterranean,” “Harvest Bowl,” “No Worry Curry,” and plenty of other preparations that include fresh veggies and flavorful add-ins.

eatsa Bento Bowl

eatsa Bento Bowl

“Most of the recipes out there right now make (quinoa) sort of secondary,” says co-founder Scott Drummond, “but for us, it’s really the heart of the bowl.”

Eatsa has also crafted their own beverages that include unique flavors of sodas and teas – all of which are low in sugar or no sugar.

Your first name and last initial immediately appears on a virtual list once your order is finalized. A bank of empty, white nooks or “cubbies” as they are officially known — serve as the vessels in which your lunch will appear.

eatsa cubby to pick up your food.

eatsa cubbies

A large screen that flashes little known facts and figures about quinoa will keep your mind occupied for the (approximately) 90 second wait time! Once your convenient bowl of goodness is composed, a cubby number is assigned to your name. Just a gentle two taps on the glass to open your cubby – and enjoy!

“It’s more than just the speed that all of this provides,” emphasizes co-founder Tim Young, “It provides a connection to our customers.”

Eatsa is located at 121 Spear Street (between Mission and Howard) and is open for lunch and take-out dinners Monday – Friday, 10:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. www.eatsa.com or @eatsa.



eatsa's "No Worry Curry"

eatsa’s “No Worry Curry”