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The Drawing Board

Petaluma newcomer, The Drawing Board, epitomizes the best of Petaluma culture and California cuisine: farm-to-table food with fresh, bright flavors, all the while, beautifully – and warmly – presented.

Images courtesy of The Drawing Board

A restaurant’s food can tell you a lot about the community’s culture. Most of us know Petaluma as a small community an hour north of the Bay Area, well known for its longstanding agricultural industry. What you may not know is that Petaluma is a community filled with a vibrant culture and spirit, uplifted through its culinary scene.  The Drawing Board (TDB) has brought Petaluma’s culture to the table, making hearty spirit a way of life.

TDB, which debuted in January, 2017, is the brainchild of two lovely women: Rosie Wiggins, a first time restaurateur, and Ariel Nadelberg, opening chef at SF’s vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free restaurant Seed + Salt.  (Chef Nadelberg has since moved on from TDB, and a new chef will be announced in the near future).  The 65-seat restaurant serves breakfast on Sundays, lunch and dinner, along with a coffee bar with Healdsburg’s Flying Goat Coffee, smoothies, and juices. And, rest assured, after a long day, a full bar awaits complete with liquor, beer and wine on the menu. TDB is a celebration of Petaluma’s agricultural excellence, showcasing local ranches, fruit, vegetable, and dairy farms, and neighboring vineyards with thoughtful, inspired cuisine.  Whether you choose TBD as your daytime lunch-stop, or as your last stop for dinner, one thing is for sure, The Drawing Board is a must try, and here are five reasons why:

Healthy Food that Nourishes Your Soul – 

Eat light, or you can eat heavy.  Whatever your choosing, you will be loaded with healthy farm-to-table creations that nourish your mind, body and spirit.  Each dish is thoughtfully constructed, artfully presented, and mind-blowing delicious.

Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly Menu – 

Vegetarians and vegan, you can rest assure that a hearty veggie selection is alive and well on both daytime and dinner menus.  When dining during the day, go for the Carrot Lox, a heavy favorite. Carrots are thinly sliced and marinated to taste like lox (salmon), and paired with a cashew-cheese mix on top of toast. You have arrived when you’ve tried this absolutely decadent, healthy creation. With that being said, there are options for everyone, including omnivores and pescatarians.

Carrot Lox

Apothecary-Style Cocktail Selection – 

From super creative concoctions of their own design, to unique takes on classics, the cocktail selection must not be missed. Bar manager Jenn Grossbard has taken mixology to another level, creating a menu of herby tinctures, shrubs, and foraged plants. The best part: there are actual healthy, good-for-you cocktails!  So you have to feel guilty about taking a sip.

Beautiful Ambiance – 

The dining experience wouldn’t be complete without an amazing ambiance. The Drawing Board experience is heightened by it thoughtful industrial decor, created with reclaimed, and recycled materials. The overall vibe is an open, clean, semi-vintage, and hip.

Sweet people, sweeter service

It’s hard to refer to the staff at Drawing Board as “staff”, when in fact, they’ll feel like friends.  They are so welcoming, warm, and friendly, you’ll leave knowing that this is the type of hospitality that California is known for.

TBD is located at 190 Kentucky Street. Petaluma, CA 94952 . Tel. 707-774-6689.  Hours are Wednesday-Friday 11am-3pm Saturday-Sunday 10am-3pm. For more information, visit www.tbdpetaluma.com.

Rosie of The Drawing Board

Rosie Wiggins

The Drawing Board

The Drawing Board