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Celebrity makeup artist Stephen Dimmick is excited to unveil his new cosmetic line, GlossiGirl. Launching with six gorgeously pigmented lipsticks, Dimmick encourages beauty lovers to embrace their inner power through color.

Image courtesy Stephen Dimmick

Celebrity makeup artist Stephen Dimmick has spent the last two decades making up some of the most beautiful women in the world.  His dossier includes celebrity clientele Cate Blanchett, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, Nina Dobrev, Vanessa Hudgens, Zoey Deutch and Brooke Candy, just to name a few. So when the time came to launch his own makeup line, Glossigirl, you’d think his inspiration would come from the some of the glamazons he has worked with in the past, but you’d be mistaken. Instead, Stephen Dimmick is creating a line for the every woman because that is where his real inspiration comes from. This self-taught glamor guru wants to make beauty attainable for everyone and believes that true beauty isn’t only about what you look like, it’s really about your spirit. Don’t believe us? Just check out his tag line: “If you ain’t a nice person, makeup won’t help.”

Dimmick’s new venture starts with six gorgeously pigmented lipsticks; we’d say that they offer some heavy-duty staying power with a beautifully rich finish. Glossigirl encourages beauty lovers to embrace their inner-power through color; after all, his own clients go to him for his ability to paint both bold and neutral lips with ease. The delightful Dimmick paused from a busy day to dish on makeup tips, tricks and of course, the launch of Glossigirl.

GlossiGirl Poison Apple

GlossiGirl Poison Apple

Auvê Daily: Congrats on the GlossiGirl lipstick line!  How did this all come about, and where will you be selling the line?

Stephen Dimmick:  Glossigirl actually launched online on Wedsnesday, March 25th! The journey goes back a long way. When I started on social media about four years ago, I wanted to really start translating a message to all women. I have about 20,000 followers on Twitter and on the DailyDimmick and a lot of them are from the middle America and they have their own businesses or are going to school or raising children and they want a piece of the glamour that they see. Women always say to me, ‘I can’t wait to get a makeover’ and you know, they really don’t want a makeover, they want to be touched; they want a connection. They don’t want to look beautiful, they want to feel beautiful. And putting on a bright lipstick when you are feeling down just may be the thing that makes you put your shoulders back and lift your head up.

Why did you choose to launch lipsticks, versus any other category of makeup like foundation or shadows, and what was your process of developing the colors you’ve chosen?

We started with lipstick because women are going to feel safe with trying lipstick. The first lipsticks in my collection consist of five creams and one matte satin. I love a matte lip and women love a matte lip, but there are so many matte lipsticks out there that are beautiful but they are very dry and I think women put up with it because the color is so beautiful. I want a product that everyone can wear that looks good, but also feels good too. That’s where I came from with the matte satin- it’s highly pigmented with a matte finish, but it’s still a satin. I kept the other colors cream because [I think] women will gravitate towards that.

How did you come up with the colors for the launch?

Over the years working on different women, I had to mix colors a lot to get what I was looking for. The colors I have used for the Glossigirl launch are inspired based on the colors I came up with while mixing my own. For example, everyone asked me to make the perfect nude lip color and you know what, there isn’t one so I’m not going to try. ‘Pushover’ the nude color in my launch has a bit of a lilac undertone because I wanted it to have that pop of color in it even though it is nude.


Do you plan to expand the line beyond lipstick?

We are definitely going to expand. [For lipsticks] we already have the matte satin range and we will also have a nude range coming out that will be an entirely new take and idea on ‘nude’, although I can’t really go into that right now. From that we will go into eyeshadows which we have already started formulating and eventually it will be an entire line.

We love Daily Dimmick with all of your beauty and style videos – are you going to continue that outlet?

Yes! Over the last year I have been a bit sporadic on DailyDimmick because I have been investing so much time and energy into making sure Glossigirl was moving ahead. So over the coming weeks I am definitely going to get back into the DailyDimmick. I am also starting a Glossigirl Youtube channel where I will be incorporating other artists that I know, as well as real women so they can talk about their personal beauty tips and makeup routines. Glossigirl is my brand but it wouldn’t be anything without these other people and I really want to incorporate them, saying, ‘this is what I do and this is what works for me.’ Using real tips that women are using on themselves; tips their mothers gave them when they were 15 and now they are in their 40s and they are still using it because it works.

What are your go-to makeup tricks to get a celebrity red-carpet ready?

I use blotting powder from MAC and I use Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer. I really try to concentrate on the area by the tear duct near the corner of the nose, because as you get older you really need to be mindful about how you put your makeup on. The area right by the tear duct is important because it can start to get a little dark and so you need to conceal it and brighten it, and if you really pop that area out it is going to make you look fresh and alive.

What are the 5 most important products every girl should have in her arsenal?

1.  Lipstick in a color of her choice

2.  An eyelash curler

3.  Mascara

4.  Concealer

5.  A kind heart and good attitude

Contouring is all the rage right now; what do you think of it – is contouring a technique that every girl should take the time to learn, or is that overrated? 

Honestly, I love contouring and I despise it with all my heart (laughs)! Women have been contouring for decades- When they cut their crease with their eyeshadow and do a lighter shade on their lid, that’s contouring. When they put blush on, that’s contouring. When they put bronzer on and only dust their temples and their chin, that’s contouring. But in depth contouring and sculpting out your entire face does not need to be an everyday part of a woman’s makeup routine because it takes too much time. People don’t realize that a complete contour, a’la Kim Kardshian, takes about an hour and it’s part of her work life to get made up like that. She knows when she goes out she is going to be photographed so she needs to wear that kind makeup all the time. Other women don’t have time to do that.

Do you think someone can be a self-taught makeup artist?

I am. I was a product of the ’80s, so I was wearing makeup and I learned through trial and error. I would work on my mom and make mistakes and work on my friends and make mistakes and then learn from it. But there was no social media so I had to use other people to learn and I saw that some tricks worked on some people and not on others. With all due respect to these Instagrammers and Youtubers [who are doing makeup online], but those people started doing makeup on themselves and people started calling them makeup artists, but they are not. It’s Selfie makeup, because if they put someone else in their chair, they are going to get the exact same look. These Youtubers understand their own faces and they do it really well, but does a Caucasian Youtuber understand an Asian eye or African-American skin? When you learn only on yourself you really don’t.

Makeup by Stephen Dimmick  Image via Stephendimmick.com

Makeup by Stephen Dimmick Image via Stephendimmick.com

What’s the biggest mistake women make when applying their makeup?

Following trends; staying current doesn’t mean you have to follow trends. You have to go with what works for you.

Are there any trends do you wish would go away?

(Stephen chuckles) Besides contouring? Overly plucked, square shaped eyebrows. When women do that to their brows, it takes away from their personality. I understand what they are trying to do, but keep a little bit of naturalness to the way the hair is growing. Define your browns but keep some naturalness to them. Eyebrows are a huge facial feature because they frame your eyes. Keep some naturalness.

What’s the best thing any on-the-go girl can do to quickly enhance their look?

Bright lipstick.  A color from my line like Poison Apple or Kicking Ass or something bright to make your look really pop. And you can do that at a stoplight; it takes no time. Adding a thicker coat of eyeliner on the top of your eyelashes is good too.

Makeup by Stephen Dimmick

Makeup by Stephen Dimmick

You’ve worked with amazing celebrities; is there anyone else you wish to work with, whom you have not already, and why would you choose them?

The women in the middle of America who I haven’t had a chance to meet yet, who are looking at all of these so-called ‘untouchable’ women [in magazine or on tv]. I want them to see that it really is doable because women are beautiful because of what they exude. I have had so-called beautiful women in my chair and if they are a bitch, nothing is going to make them pretty.

They see these stunning magazine campaigns in Cosmo where the model is wearing a blue smokey eye with blue all the way to the temple and they immediately say, ‘No way, I can’t do that.’ But they can take the inspiration from the magazines and bring it down a little to something that works for them. Use a little bit of it and that will still make a great impact.

Can you give any insight into what’s next for you?

[I want to use what I am doing] to give women the gift of growth, which means they can walk through their fears with their hands held out to help others along the way. I don’t want women to only rise up and just be the best they can be; I want them to help others along the way.

What advice would you give aspiring makeup artists right now?

Be humble, work hard and don’t expect anything to be handed to you.

Stephen Dimmick   Image via dailydimmick.com

Stephen Dimmick Image via dailydimmick.com