Home Beauty News Lani Lazzari’s Simple Advice on Becoming an Entrepreneurial Phenom

On the heels of her 22nd birthday, the Simple Sugars CEO and “Shark Tank” star shares an essential secret to success.

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When Lani Lazzari appeared on “Shark Tank” at just 18 years young, it felt like we were watching a poised entrepreneur who was already a veteran in business. Her pitch for her company, Simple Sugars, an all-natural line of sugar-based face and body scrubs, was so polished that it caught the attention of billionaire investor Mark Cuban.  And the rest was history.

Just days after the episode aired in 2013, Lazzari went from managing two employees to managing 25.  Now, at 21, Lazzari has turned Simple Sugars into a $5.8 million business – not a shabby deal for Mr. Cuban’s initial $100,000 investment for 33% equity [In fact, Cuban has stated that Lazzari’s company has been one of his favorite investments the show].  With the goal of turning Simple Sugars into a $30 million company within the next five years, Lazzari stays hard at work getting there.  She recently appeared on an episode of “Beyond The Tank,and passed with flying colors. But make no mistake  – “Shark Tank” effect aside, Lazzari’s entrepreneurial savvy is an inspiration to young women around the country.  So we asked Lazzari:

What is the most important message you’d want to send young girls on becoming a successful entrepreneur?

Lazzari:  When you think about what you’re going do with your life, I would say that the most important thing is to think about what you’re actually passionate about, and what you want to do – not the expectation for you. There is a lot pressure from school or your parents to meet expectations.  I think people do things because they think it’s what they should do, and not what they’re passionate about.  People think that I started this business so that I can get into college, and that’s not true. If you are someone that is honestly passionate about something, you shouldn’t be afraid if it’s something different.  Don’t be afraid that you can’t do it, because nothing is more fulfilling than getting out there and doing it.
And what is the single most important weapon in your arsenal that allows you to be successful?

Lazzari: I think that the most important thing for me is the ability to have confidence in myself. For example, we had all of this insane growth after “Shark Tank,” with no way to handle it. It’s really easy to doubt yourself, and it’s really important to have confidence. You don’t have time to doubt your own abilities.

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