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2 Days, 25 different beauty brand experiences, endless possibilities. See why Generation Beauty is known for “the best goodie bag in the business!”


Beauty lovers came from far and wide to experience a personal heaven at the LA Live Event deck from May 31-31. Generation Beauty, presented by ipsy – the  monthly beauty and makeup subscription box founded by youtube sensation Michelle Phan – is a mecca for beauty gurus, Youtube stars, bloggers and beauty brands to get energized and inspired by what’s hot and up and coming in the beauty world.


Saturday, May 30 was the the kick-off to GenBeauty, which began with a never-ending line of 20-something year olds eagerly awaiting their opportunities to experience the Stylist MeetShops. These beauty lovers walked down the red carpet, inside the tent to find beauty stations, stylists and fellow fans. An official welcome began at 12:30 P.M. with a special address from Michelle Phan.  Adoring fans had the opportunity to meet and snap photos the beauty mogul.

Image via modernchicmag.com

Image via modernchicmag.com



For $150 a ticket, guests had the opportunity meet their favorite Youtube stars, watch beauty demos, experience makeovers and learn about brands, all while having the opportunity to take home sample and full-sized products from each of the brands.  At 1:00 pm, Gen Beauty ambassadors brought out boxes of super-stuffed “day 1” goodie bags for the taking.  The bag was filled with oodles of full-sized products from many of the brands representing inside, including NYX, Lush and Sephora, to name a few.



For those who couldn’t get enough on Saturday, Gen Beauty continued on Sunday with a more toned-down – but still high-level – experience with the remaining Stylist Meetshops.  Guests immediately lined up to experience brands that they hadn’t visited the previous day, including The Too Faced foundation experience.  This was a major highlight of day 2, as guests walked away with a full-sized “Born This Way” foundation.

At 1:00 p.m., ladies lined up for their “day 2” goodie bag, which was more amazing than the first! It was fitting way to send off the next generation of beauty lovers.  Not to mention, the price of $150 a pop was well-rewarded!

Without further ado, here are our top 5 reasons every beauty lover should attend Generation Beauty next year:

1.  It’s the Best Beauty Bag in the business, hands down!

2. You’ll have a chance to learn about classic and new beauty brands.

3. Meet your favorite Youtube bloggers and vloggers, including Michelle Phan.

4. You can network with other beauty lovers.

5.  Try new products and learn the latest techniques at stylist booths.