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Anthony Pazos

We sat down with celebrity hair stylist Anthony Pazos on celeb-inspired beauty advice, and what it was like styling the hardest working woman in show business.

Celebrity hair stylist Anthony Pazos has made a career out of helping his clients look and feel their very best by transforming their hair. He has made name for himself as a powerhouse in the industry working with Hollywood hotties like Ashley Greene, Gerard Butler, Khloe Kardashian and boyband One Direction. Anthony scored the job of a lifetime styling Beyonce and her backup dancers for the 2016 Super Bowl and the 2016 Video Music Awards and has been one of Hollywood’s most in-demand stylists ever since. When he isn’t working on his celeb clients or doing editorial shoots and film projects, you can find him at his boutique “Glam Gods”, the premier mobile beauty service in Southern California.

We sat down with Anthony to get some real-life, celeb-inspired beauty advice and to ask him what it’s really like styling the hardest working woman in show business.

Anthony Pazos

Anthony Pazos

Auvê Daily: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us!

Anthony Pazos: Of course, I’m so happy to be doing this.

AD: What are the biggest hair trends of the moment?

AP: For hair color, right now we are seeing a lot of smokey hues, which means ashy tones that are bluish or grayish. Formerly blonde ombres are now transforming into greys or smokey blues and smokey violets- basically anything smoky and muted.

AD:  What were some of your favorite celebrity hairstyles that you’ve done?

AP: A common hairstyle that I like and do often for my celebrity clients, like Ashley Greene, is a true cult classic- the loose waves. It’s a good style for any occasion and it always looks good.

AD:  How do you achieve that look?

AP:  Using a curling iron to create long, loose waves and give the hair texture. Also, a nice way to make the look more exciting is to add extensions. I always add extensions. Even if my clients have long hair already, I always add more hair. It gives the look added body and substance and I really love it.

For trendy hair lengths, it’s definitely the ‘lob’ length that is super popular. The ‘lob’ (aka, the long bob) is when hair is cut right above the collar. We are seeing the lob cut or just fully long hair; medium cuts are out. I’m also seeing the Victoria Beckham bob (the angled bob) is coming back into fashion too and I’m super stoked about that.

AD: You’ve worked with a ton of celebrities. Who are your favorites that you have worked with so far?

AP:  I worked with Ashley Greene when she was touring for Twilight and she is a sweetheart; I think we had a good connection. Also, the guys from One Direction are really, really fun. They definitely take their hair very seriously though (laughs).


AD: What is the biggest difference between styling for a celebrity and styling for a regular person?

AP:  For a celebrity, you take into consideration that they have more means to be able to take care of their style, so you can do a more vivid color or more of an edgy look since they can easily maintain it. For celebrities, looking good is part of their job but a regular client won’t have the same amount of time, energy or the means to dedicate to maintaining that kind of look. Think about it, when you get your hair colored, your roots have to be done every 4-6 weeks and most people cannot afford to do that. I’m an advocate for making sure that all of my clients look flawless and stay on top of their style but I approach it differently.

Beyonce performs at Super Bowl 2016

Beyonce at Super Bowl 2016

AD:  You worked with Beyonce for the Super Bowl. How did you achieve the hairstyle for her famous “Formation” performance?

AP:  That whole production had a very Afrocentric, cultural kind of vibe to it. All of the dancers wore afros and we tested a bunch of different afro wigs on Beyonce, but she ultimately decided not to wear one. She went for the big, messy-textured, long hair look instead. The product we used on everybody’s hair was olive oil spray sheen; it’s olive oil spray in a bottle. It allows you to be able to pick out the hair in a way that promotes shine, without drying it out and it keeps the hair moisturized at the same time.

AD:  What are some things you must keep in mind when styling hair for a performance like that?

AP:  For any big performance like the Super Bowl, especially one that involves a lot of dancing and moving around, the most important thing is to ensure that any wigs or the extensions are securely attached because if anything pops off, it’s not going to be a good look and you are definitely losing your job (laughs).

AD:  What was it like getting to work with a superstar like Beyonce?

AP:  It was amazing! For the Super Bowl performance, we got their on a Wednesday and the performance was obviously on Sunday, but every single day we were there we did a full dress rehearsal. We did full hair and makeup and Bey would record it and watch it and then make changes to her look, or changes to the dancers’ look. She wasn’t sure how she wanted everything to look visually, so she kept doing rehearsals and editing the look to make sure it was perfect.

AD: I don’t think the average person knows that there is that much preparation going into a performance.

AP:  It’s no joke, Beyonce is the ultimate professional and that’s why everyone is astonished by her and what she can pull off. She is an extraordinary human being. I’m a huge fan. I’m obsessed.

Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson rocks an ombre hair style

AD:  Can you offer any quick tips for the every-day girl who wants to transform her hair to look like a celebrity?

AP:  An ombre hair color is a nice way to look really fashionable without having to spend money every 6-8 weeks just to keep it up. That look will last you for months and months because even when it grows out, it still looks like ombre.

AD:  Besides ombre, what else can our readers do to achieve celebrity hair?

AP:  You just want to make sure that you are taking time to actually do something to your hair; make sure that you are styling it on a regular basis. Throw a light curl in there, any kind of messy texture is going to look like you made an effort to do your hair and people will recognize and appreciate that.

AD:  What is an on-the-go hair styling product that every girl should have?

AP:  My on the go product would be a small bottle of hairspray because you can use it in so many ways. You can spray hairspray at the root to give your hair body, at the top of your head to take away flyaways or throughout the hair to create a style. Hairspray is my go-to product. Also, if you haven’t washed your hair in a few days, dry shampoo is a good way to remove oil at the roots. You can pick it up at the supermarket and it’s under $10.

AD: Can you offer a glamorous hair secret that most girls don’t know?

AP:  A common thing that girls will do to their hair is put conditioner all the way though, from root to end. In all honesty, you only need conditioner at the tips of your hair because when you put it on your scalp and working it through, you are causing your hair to become greasy at the root a lot faster. Your head will naturally produce oil to moisten your hair so you only need any extra moisture added to your hair at the ends. Your hair will stay cleaner longer and it will prevent your hair from being flat and having no body.

AD:   At this point in your career, you’ve worked with celebrities, you’ve been on television shows, like the E! Style Network’s “How Do I Look” and “Split Ends.”  What’s next for you in your career?

AP: I’d like to do more TV. I’m in talks right now with a network do a docu-series but I can’t really mention too much about that yet. I’m really excited though.

AD:  What do you like most about being on TV?

AP:  I like reaching a big audience and hopefully inspiring others to follow their dreams. I think I have the gift of gab and I feel comfortable talking to people and I hope I can really reach a big audience and give them some inspiration. When I was young, growing up in LA and being gay, I was bullied pretty badly. I got made fun of a lot, I got beat up. I used those experiences motivate myself to prove everyone wrong. It got me off my ass to do the work and to make something of myself. I want everyone to know that whatever they may be struggling with internally, they can overcome that. They can achieve what they want out of life and actually make their dreams come true.

AD: Do you have any words of wisdom to share with others who are reading this and who may be dealing with a similar situation.

AP: Give yourself a big hug, remind yourself that you’re amazing and then go SLAY!

For more information on Anthony or to book his services, please visit http://anthonypazos.com/mobile