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“Everything else is just a few taps and you can get an appointment, and I knew that we needed that in the beauty world.” – Laurel Berg, Founder and CEO of BeautyWhim

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BeautyWhim Founder Laurel Berg  Credit: Casey Fyfe Photography

BeautyWhim Founder and CEO Laurel Berg Credit: Casey Fyfe Photography

Imagine a world where your dream beauty service is literally a click away.  Whether it’s a haircut, manicure, pedicure, brow or bikini wax – just to name a few, the days of combing the internet, searching for an appointment that fits your schedule, are over.

Longtime hair stylist turned entrepreneur – and all-around cool girl – Laurel Berg has created a world where express beauty services are at your fingertips. BeautyWhim is the go-to app to find and book last minute beauty services in San Francisco; think of it as the OpenTable or HotelTonight for Beauty Appointments.

With just a few taps, the app quickly locates the nearby appointments you need. Services include BlowOuts, Bang Trims, Men’s Haircuts, Women’s Haircuts, ManiPedis, Gel ManiPedis, Brow Waxes, Bikini Waxes, Express Facials, Luxe Facials, Makeup Applications, and spray Tans!  Whew!  [Note that the BeautyWhim is currently not available at the Apple App Store; all you need to do is go to beautywhim.com from any mobile device].  We could chat with Laurel all night, but here are some nuggets from our  sit-down with her.

Image via beautywhim.com

Image via beautywhim.com

When did you start BeautyWhim?
I thought of the idea about two years ago.  I had a couple of ups and downs – typical tech stories.  Then when I found my crew, it was so amazing and it went so fast. But before I started building the actual app, I was writing the business plan and doing the actual research.  The first year was all about figuring out what the app would be. Our official launch was right before the holidays in December.
What was the inspiration behind BeautyWhim?
BeautyWhim started with me trying to get my nails done and having a really hard time getting an appointment that fit in my schedule.  Everything else is just a few taps and you can get an appointment, and I knew that we needed that in the beauty world.  How many times do you have a last-minute event and you have to go through so many different portals, so much searching and so much calling.
On the other side as a beauty professional, I would love to help beauty professional fill their books and reach clients that are looking for appointments.  It was this perfect marriage because there are busy people all over the place looking for a blowout, and there are tons of hairdressers all over the city that have openings. As a beauty professional, we don’t make money unless we’re actually doing a client, so that time is wasted if we don’t fill it.
How did you initially find the beauty professionals that signed up?
When I started BeautyWhim, before we had an app, I worked a concierge service, just keeping it simple with nail salons.  I got to know a lot of the nail salons that I didn’t know before. Then, I’ve always had esthetician friends.  So I also started with them. Finally, I just had a lot of connections in the industry.  I worked in San Francisco as a hairdresser for 15 years, so I have all of those connections.
At beautyWhim, we understand that there is this entire society of people that just want express services and certainly have their loyalty to their regular hairdresser, but these other services are totally shareable. For years, I was sending clients to dry bar all the time if I couldn’t fit in a quickie blowout.  That’s how BeautyWhim is set up.  You’re just looking for a service that is near you at the time that you want.
Image Via BeautyWhim.com

Image Via BeautyWhim.com

How has social media helped your business?
Right before I started BeautyWhim, I was going to be transferring my [hair styling] business to part time in San Francisco and part time in Los Angeles doing hair at celebrity events.  I knew about these celebrity hair stylists and all of them are in LA or New York, so I was going down there and getting an agent and getting all kinds of gigs.   I had some pretty good connections; I had some friends that were celebrity makeup artists.  Now here I am a couple of years later, and between instagram and tumbler – all of a sudden – all of these people I was trying to get intros with were following me on Instagram. Connecting on social media has been so incredible.
What’s the most surprising thing that you’ve learned as an entrepreneur? 
The thing that’s come of BeautyWhim that I hadn’t thought of before is that I’m building this community.  That’s the best part of it. It’s been so amazing how this beauty industry – stylists, other beauty pros and other beauty writers – has come together.  I go to a lot of pop-up events and it’s been so fun meeting everyone and saying “let’s all help each other out a little bit.”
Tell us about your giveaway.
We are doing a huge update on the app and offering a huge giveaway.  The grand prize will be a basket or box of the founder’s faves, containing my favorite tools and products (hair, skin, nails). The box is worth over $1000 and it’s awesome!  There will be two runners up that receive a Packed Party gift box.

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