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“We want to set a new standard for the skincare industry by leveraging research to help adults achieve dramatically better results.” – Andy Bosselman, Founder of Arithmetic

All photos courtesy of Arithmetic

New year, new skin, new you. Keeping skin clear and beautiful in the new year will be as elegant and easy as 1-2-3, thanks to Arithmetic founder Andy Bosselman. The Sephora alum is helping a growing number of adults with acne to achieve clear, healthy skin with his line of products that are simply luxurious.

Arithmetic is a new, San Francisco-based company that is focused on helping adults with acne to achieve clear, healthy skin. The company is making a splash on the scene with its premium skincare products for the growing number of people over 20 struggling with this difficult condition. Andy Bosselman is on a personal mission to help adults with his simple, elegant solution to pimple and acne-prone skin.


Andy’s mission began at age 26 when he developed adult acne. Six years and 20 doctors later, he was trying dozens of drugs with little improvement in his condition. Frustrated, he started studying academic research about acne. Recalls Andy, “I was sent to the University of Colorado dermatology clinic that was the most cutting edge treatment facility for acne at the time. I’d learned that scientists had found better ways to treat acne in adults; it must be treated differently because at about age 20, the skin becomes thinner, drier and more sensitive. Also, when adults get acne, it lasts a lot longer.” He continues, “The products on the market are really designed to blast teen skin really hard and fast; they are formulated for short-term use on skin that has much more moisture and oil than adults have. So when adults use those products, we get pain and irritation.”


He became obsessed with wanting to have better products. “I started formulating ideas about how products should be formulated. I couldn’t believe that there weren’t products that aligned with what the research had proven to work,” he says. “I had started working at Sephora headquarters where I was surrounded by hundreds of high-end skincare products. The sheer number of them astonished me,” he said. “But they were all so similar. They had harsh formulations, most were loaded with crappy ingredients. None aligned with what the research had proven to work for adults.”

During his time at Sephora, Andy met scientist Johan Aardal, a molecular biologist trained in Norway, and two Stanford-trained biochemists with an interest the pathology of acne and its treatment. “We were trying to bring a proven approach to dealing with acne in adults to premium skincare products,” says Andy. He used his resources to create the first adult acne product that has actually been tested on adults. After years of research and feedback from over 1500 adults who tried the product, the Acne Control Complex has over a 90% success rate. Pretty impressive to say the least.


The two new products in the line include Arithmetic‘s Konjac sponge, which is a 100% organic luxury sponge that can help buff and brighten even the most sensitive skin. Soak this sponge in water and it quickly transforms into the softest and most effective way to cleanse, buff, and brighten skin. For the guys, Arithmetic offers an Aloe + Zinc shave cream, which is crafted with natural calming ingredients and carefully selected botanicals derived from trees. This luxuriously thick, foam-free cream features a soothing clay-like texture.

Auvê Daily’s pick:
Konjac Exfoliating Sponge
After the first time we used this powerful mini-miracle sponge, we were hooked. Whether you’re acne-prone or not, this amazing little sponge can really work wonders to buff your way to smooth skin. The sponge starts out as a compact, hard palm-sized exfoliator. But the magic happens once it is soaked in water when it expands into a soft, mildly abrasive (yet squishy) sponge that exfoliates beautifully. You may ask, “What is Konjac?” According to Arithmetic, along with our own googling, Konjaku root has been used in Asia for millennia. The all-natural sponge is is made of the fiber of the konjaku root and is sustainably cultivated in a mountainous region of northern Japan where the plant grows natively. It is infused with activated bamboo charcoal to help draw skin impurities and helps to minimize the appearance of pores. We definitely noticed the difference after a few gentle circles over the face and chest, as the skin was left was a noticeably smooth porcelain feel.

Another notable feature of Arithmetic’s product line is the simple and streamlined packaging. There’s a very “San Francisco” feel to the packaging design that clean, hip and relevant for the adult acne market. Bravo!