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The fall and winter seasons are here, the perfect time to create beauty with those special items that make up our surroundings. We curated this list with form, function, and simplicity in mind.

When it comes to the essence of chic, Coco Chanel said it best: “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” And in our book, elegance is the cornerstone of beauty; from the beauty that we create on our physical appearance to the experiences we create in our lives, true beauty is full-fold – It is embodied in every aspect of life including those special items that make up our surroundings.  So when we curated this special list, it was form, function, and simplicity made it to the top.

Gilded Decay Fine Fragrance Candle Collection

Gilded Decay candle collection by Lizette Marie

Gilded Decay by Lizette Marie

The hint of a beautiful scent can leave one with an instant impression of another place and time. Aside from their transformative abilities, only certain fragrances have the power to elevate our senses and our surroundings. Without a doubt, Gilded Decay fine fragrance candles are a rare collection that carries those pleasure-inducing powers.

Not only are Gilded Decay candles divinely fragrant, this collection is absolutely beautiful – an elegant, and impressive addition to any room – crafted with matte black vessels and luxury packaging. Born in San Francisco by interior designer, Lizette Bruckstein of Lizette Marie Interior Design, this fine fragrance candle collection is an extension of the designer’s elegant personal aesthetic. Bruckstein, who is renowned for her provocative interiors and penchant for custom details, was motivated to craft transformative sensory experiences.

Gilded Decay is the home accessory for those looking for a one-of-a-kind fine fragrance experience with understated elegance. Each eight ounce candle is made of black soy, paraffin, and coconut blended wax, with a cotton wick and hand- poured in California. Gilded Decay fine fragrance candles are sold separately or together at www.gildeddecay.com

MZ Wallace Travel Bags


Image by Moanalani Jeffrey Photography

From day to night, work to cocktail hour, meetings to dinner, we all need that essential beautiful bag that carries it all.  Life in modern times isn’t easy, and we can all attest that a chic carry-all makes life much easier when we need to do it all.

MZ Wallace has managed to combine beauty and functionality into elegantly designed bags that are made to suit even the most discerning traveler. Internal and external pocketing is synonymous with MZ Wallace. The Bedford and Oxford Nylon, pleats, quilting and pocketing are what make MZ Wallace instantly recognizable.

The brand, based in New York, was established in 2000 by Monica Zwirner and Lucy Wallace Eustice, whose signature nylons that MZ Wallace is known for today was two years in the making. Today, MZ Wallace can be found online and in a number of luxury stores.

Shinola’s Customized Notebook


Putting pen to paper is so in style. Shinola notebooks are a “must have” for any season for a number of reasons.  Why?  When a fabulous thought or idea pops into your head, forget the iPhone – jot those ideas down!   The tactile experience is still the most fabulous way to capture those random moments.

A Shinola notebook is so flexible, colorful, and easy to carry, one would be inspired by just carrying it.  Not to mention that that the Shinola brand is a statement of chic on its own.  Head into the San Francisco store to get yours customized.  Then walk out, open a page, and use one to swatch a beauty shade that you’ve been eyeing 😉


Pique Tea



This is the new ritual of tea. 

Pique Tea offers an effortless way to enjoy the the world’s healthiest beverage without compromising flavor or nutrients – and it couldn’t be more cool! Liberating tea lovers from the inconvenience of tea bags and strainers, Pique Tea Crystals completely dissolve in water and offer a hassle-free way to enjoy an exceptional cup of tea in an instant.

After years collaborating with tea farmers, tea masters and tea lovers, Pique Tea developed a way to turn organic loose-leaf tea into tea crystals. Blended, brewed and crystallized, Pique Tea Crystals use organic whole leaves sourced directly from trusted tea farms at their peak of freshness. Pique’s proprietary Leaf-to-Crystal™ brewing process extracts the fresh flavor and nutrients of whole tea concentrated at optimal levels, and locks it in a crystal form.

Pique Tea was designed with the underlying mission to inspire an emerging generation of tea drinkers and create a new tea ritual that offers effortless enjoyment with the flavor and health benefits of exceptional tea.

Soma Water Filtration System


Soma has made filtering water so beautiful, you won’t want to drink from another filter again!  Soma are the makers of beautiful, sustainable products that hydrate the world.  Such a smartly-designed filtration system needs no embellishment –  no extras – and is so sleek, it stands on its own.  But the best part of using one of these filters is that you’re giving back by purchasing one; every filter sold helps those in need of clean water.  The company believes everyone deserves clean drinking water, and they actively support organizations like charity: water who are working to solve the global water crisis.