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The only thing more chic than wearing winter white is creating the perfect hair and makeup to wear with it. Pull it all together with these four looks.

If you think the winter season means saying goodbye to your summer wardrobe essentials, then think again. While it may be a few months before you’re back to the beach wearing your beloved Chanel espadrilles, long gone is the time when it was frowned upon to wear white after Labor Day. In fact, what was once a fashion faux pas is now considered fashion forward. So pull out all of your cream, ecru and ivory designer duds!  Donning your winter whites couldn’t be more on trend; here are four perfect hair and makeup looks to wear with your winter wardrobe.


metallic liner

Wearing a white ensamble gives you a blank canvas to showcase some serious beauty bling with your accessories and makeup picks, so why not seize the opportunity and complement your winter whites with bold and beautiful metal-toned lips and lids. Metallic eyelids, foil-finish eyeliners and shimmering lipsticks make a glamorous and sassy statement that will leave you radiating heat even on the chilliest San Francisco day. Don’t forget that today’s metallic makeup trends reach far the beyond basic metal-tones of the past. Gold, silver and bronze are always a classic choice but modern metallics come in a range of beautiful blues, gorgeous greens and provocative pinks- enough options to ensure any glam girl will find her perfect look.





Little is more glamorous than the sharp contrast of black against white when it comes to winter fashion. You can embrace that same aesthetic with your makeup by pairing a classic cat-eye with full-on luxe lashes for the ultimate in alluring and edgy winter beauty. Since the 1960s, the cat eye has been a timeless and ultra-glamorous look that draws attention to the eyes by defining and elongating their natural shape. To really make the cat-eye pop against your winter whites, emphasize the ‘wings’ of your liner with a slightly exaggerated line and finish with several coats of jet-black mascara for an uber- fierce, feline-femme result.

angelina_jolie_white_jacket_wh klara-cosmetics-thick-winged-eyeliner




If you think that pastels are only suitable for springtime, think again. Pastel makeup is the perfect accompaniment for any winter white ensamble. The trick to making this look work for the winter is to use slightly pale and more muted shades of your favorite pastel colors for an understated, yet ultra-chic and feminine effect. That means trading in your Tiffany blue nail polish for an iced-out baby blue shade and skipping the Barbie pink lipstick and selecting a pretty, softer pink or peach version. Wearing lighter hues of traditional pastels will help make this look less prim and proper and more sophisticated and modern, perfect for any princess who wants to look pristine.

Louis Vuitton - Front Row - PFW F/W 2013 988e0469283336014bc37e58e5a80db0





Don’t forget how much of a difference your hair makes to the entire aesthetic of your appearance and wearing winter whites sets the stage for your mane to play a major role in your look. That means your long layers, crazy curls and bouncy bobs will be on full display. The most important factor is not the particular length or style of your hair but rather that it show some dimension, depth and texture since against a white backdrop, these features will be much more prominent. So remember to pay a little extra attention to your tresses before braving the cold in your cream cashmere sweaters and perfect ivory peacoats.