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New year, new lifestyle: 2017 is the year to make your home smarter. Gate is the world’s first camera-equipped smart lock where smart technology meets beautiful design, a must-have for the new year.

With the holidays comes the inevitable gift of gadgets that we play with for five minutes before getting bored. Now that the gift-giving season has passed, it’s time to get serious and look toward improvements for the new year.  For Bay Area dwellers, smart-technology fixes are everywhere – from smart watches, to fit-apps, to thermostat devices, a well-designed piece of technology can give you a new lease on life.

With that being said, we checked out Gate, the latest and greatest in home-improvement technology that is worth its early hype.  The San Francisco-based company has created a smart lock that does the job better than others in its class; you can lock and unlock your door for trusted individuals from anywhere, anytime – and that’s just the beginning.  Here are 10 reasons that Gate will make your home smarter in 2017.


1.  Gate is the world’s first camera-equipped smart lock.

Gate has created a complete and simple smart lock that is your eyes and ears at the door. The Gate lock can also automatically verify guests, delivery people or your dog-walker via a one-time code.

2.  Gate is the world’s first all-in-one smart lock.

Gate has three technologies in one:  the camera, keypad lock, call button and door app where you can open the door from your phone, motion detector, and a speaker and microphone.
You might wonder, how is Gate different from August? For August to have all the device functionalities of Gate, you will need to buy 4 products: The August Smart Lock, Doorbell Cam, Smart Keypad, and Connect. In total this costs $559 at retail, compared to Gate’s $274 Indiegogo Holiday Special ($299 retail). Rather than having to set up 4 separate products, Gate is a single device that takes only 4 minutes to install. Also, being one device, Gate is more reliable in that it would not have to talk to multiple pieces of hardware via Bluetooth radio.
How is Gate different from Ring? Ring is a camera doorbell that does not unlock the door. Gate has all the functionalities of Ring (Motion-activated camera, 2-way audio), as well as all its added capabilities including remote lock/unlock and pin access codes.

3.  Gate’s design is not only functionally robust, but also very stylish and will look great on any door.

Gate teamed up with the award-winning design firm Box Clever to create a product that is not only functionally robust, but beautifully designed as well.

4.  Gate’s detachable battery lasts up to 3 months and charges as a regular cell phone via USB device.

5.  Gate will watch your door while you are away.

Gate’s Door App will let you know whenever someone is at you door. Gate’s motion activated camera will trigger a notification to your phone as soon as it detects motion in front of it. As soon as you open the notification you will be able to see real-time video  of what is happening on your porch from the app.

6.  Gate was built by a rockstar team of engineers and marketing gurus.

The founders of Gate Ehsan and Harvey are founding members of of the Google X project.

7. Never miss a package with Gate.

According to a study from Princeton Survey Research Associates International, 23 million Americans have had a package stolen from their front door, that is an estimated $1.5 billion in items stolen, the study says. You can forget about this problem with Gate.

8.  Gate is not just a smart lock, but is a necessity.

Once you use Gate for your dog walkers, grocery delivery, dry cleaning pick-up, or  nannies, you’ll never go back. Users can see and speak to visitors or trusted professional using the partner app.  Not only can you receive notifications when anyone arrives at the door, you can open the door by tapping a button.

9.  Gate is great for your family, friends and travel guests.

10. Gate is your personal doorman.

If you still want to know more, check out this video: https://vimeo.com/185282224.  Gate can be pre-ordered on Indiegogo:  https://igg.me/at/gate/x/15046653