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More than 125 people came together for the birthday celebration hosted by Carissa Ashman. Far more than a birthday party, Not for Sale called upon attendees to say “no” to human trafficking that is happening in their own backyard.

All photos by Ellian Raffoul for Moanalani Jeffrey Photography 


Samantha Hartwell and Carissa Ashman

March 12th marked the eighth birthday for Not For Sale, the Bay Area-based philanthropic organization that calls to stop human trafficking. Not For Sale celebrated the occasion at its San Francisco headquarters in the DogPatch district.  Far more than a birthday party, the evening highlighted the prevalence of human trafficking in the Bay Area and called upon attendees to say no to exploitation that occurs in their own backyard.


David Batstone

More than 125 people came together for the celebration hosted by Carissa Ashman. Not For Sale’s Founder, David Batstone, gave a sneak peek into a unique campaign designed to unite the San Francisco Bay Area with the rest of the world against modern day slavery.

Hazel Thompson

Hazel Thompson

Hazel Thompson, an internationally recognized, award-winning photojournalist for iconic publications including The New York Times, Guardian, BBC, and Politken, displayed her images of human trafficking around the world as well as an exhibit entitled “Not In My Backyard.” Her undercover Bay Area investigation revealed disturbing cases of sexual exploitation and slave labor in the Bay Area. The images included an evidence map that traced human trafficking locations from El Dorado Hills to Downtown San Francisco to Redwood City and San Jose. Hazel’s powerful talk challenged the audience to become of aware of these issues that occur in their own backyard, and called upon them to support organizations like Not For Sale who are working to solve the issue at its source by empowering survivors with training and employment.

Joel Goodrich and Damion Matthews

Joel Goodrich and Damion Matthews

Notable guests of the event were David Batstone, Andrew Clark, Joel Goodrich, Damion Matthews, Samantha Hartwell, Johnna Marcus, Patrick Davila and Melissa Sandgren. The details of the evening were exceptional including cuisine prepared by Estate Events by Meadowood, custom cocktails created by Scott Beattie and a soulful music performance by Brooklyn’s rising star Grace Weber. Not For Sale Day launches this June, 2015.  To learn more about this important organization, please visit www.notforsalecampaign.org


Suzanna Jackson; Samantha Hartwell and Anjali Naik



Karol Clark and Andrew Clark