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The bubbly Fashion Director dishes on his new role, the Fall Collection and the inspiration for H by Halston for QVC.

Reporting by Alexsandra Bailey


In his nearly 20-year career in fashion, Cameron Silver has become known as a sparkling jewel of the fashion scene. His vintage couture boutique Decades, which opened in Los Angeles in 1997, is a treasure chest for celebrities and fashion aficionados alike. Since then, Cameron’s fashion expertise and vivacious personality have moved him onto a variety of roles including television, brand ambassadorships and books to name a few.

In May, Cameron made a move to New York City when he was tapped to by the iconic American brand, Halston, to head up the H by Halston Collection for QVC. As the newly minted Fashion Director, Silver oversees the design of the line and also serves as the brand’s bubbly personality for QVC.

Halston Heritage in Manhattan’s Soho district hosted a Trunk Show featuring the QVC excusive H by Halston Fall Collection. Guests sipped champagne while browsing the latest Fall styles with fashion tips from Cameron.

What inspired you as you were designing this collection?

Our dream is to give the aesthetic of Halston to the largest group of women we could possibly attract. We salute the legacy of Halston and his amazing DNA that is so relevant today.  So we get to play with this amazing DNA and update it for the 21st century. It’s so rewarding for QVC because we have a whole world of women of different backgrounds and sizes and ages. There’s really something for everyone. Since day one when I worked in fashion, it’s always been about the right girl in the right dress, and this is the same thing.

Or a jumper, right?

Yes, our jumpers are only $76.00!  And they’re really chic.

We love the combination of all the textures and the different materials; you have the tweed with suede, and then the leather. 

The fabrics are great.  Everything tastes and touches really nicely.  It’s a really sophisticated collection. We’re thrilled because it’s been an amazing launch of QVC.

Is it a lot of pressure for you be part of the Halston Legacy?
I feel like I have a responsibility to really honor the legacy. I’m also close with a lot of the original Halston stars. To me, it gets emotional because these designers, these models and these women really changed not only American fashion, but the landscape of what a runway looked like.  Halston had this amazing posse of women of various colors and shapes and backgrounds. He really helped break the color barrier in high fashion. I want to salute that gift that he gave us all.

You have such a vivacious personality for TV.

Yes, that’s why I’m on QVC and I’m so glad to be on.  The line sophisticated, and QVC women are sophisticated.  And they totally shop 24-7!


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